Poppy Lane Baby Nests

The Makers

We're a team of two! A dynamic duo you could say! I cannot emphasize enough, I am so thrilled (and lucky) to work along side my mother-in-law throughout this process! Maggie is a lovely lady, who in addition to being a passionate sewer, loves to get her hands dirty in the garden, stretch it out in a yoga pose, and most importantly, she loves to spend oodles of precious time with her grand kids. She is tough as nails from raising three boys, and yet... she's got 'the touch' with every baby cuddled up in her arms. It's safe to say... she's the Baby Whisperer!

Me. Hmmm. What to write about myself? Well, most importantly, I am a mother of two beautiful blondes, and a wife to Maggie's amazing son!! They typically keep me running from dawn 'til dusk, but in my 'not so' spare time, I love to get outdoors, and to surround myself with the ones I love! Yup! I'm a social butterfly, who loves to visit over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine! In my professional life, I am a critical care nurse, and I love, love, LOVE to care for people. On the other hand, I've always had a 'thing' for fabric, and I'm always in awe of adorable, little handmade items for babies and kids. So, it came to me! It was time to create our vision!! Beautifully, handcrafted Baby Nests!

The Idea

A Baby Nest... brilliant, right?! I wish I could say that we came up with the idea, but we didn't! Baby Nests originated in Sweden, and quickly became popular throughout the Scandinavian countries. It wasn't long before Baby Nests were being made, sold, and used worldwide!

We all know, parenthood isn't easy! So why not try and make life a little easier? Whether you would like a Baby Nest to create a safe barrier between you and baby while sleeping, or to use as a safe, soft surface to sit during playtime, I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

What makes us different from the rest?! Our Baby Nests reflect our style, individuality, and our personality! We are thrilled to offer an array of different Baby Nests, to suit each and every style! Also, just for a bit of extra fun, each Baby Nest personally created, receives a name! An extra touch to make our Baby Nests unforgettable!!! If you have a vision, perfect! Let's work together to create the most amazing custom Baby Nest you could imagine!

The Nest

Poppy Lane Baby Nests are made with your little one's comfort and safety in mind. Each Baby Nest is handcrafted using 100% cotton, premium cotton, or organic cotton fabric, and filled with a hypoallergenic, scent free, dye free, and non-recycled stuffing.

Not only are our Baby Nests a cozy little space for your loved one to nuzzle into, they are lightweight, breathable, reversible, and machine washable!! Every parent has to love that! Cute looking, trendy, and practical?! Check!

Poppy Lane Baby Nests are designed to ensure your baby has a peaceful rest in a place that feels (and smells) familiar. Whether you choose to use a Baby Nest for co-sleeping, transitioning to a crib, traveling, sleepovers at Grandma's and Grandpa's house, lounging, or tummy time, we know you'll be in love with our product!

Poppy Lane currently sells two sizes of Baby Nests. Infant (0-4 months), and Toddler (0-24 months). We have a selection of 'ready to ship' Baby Nests, and we are thrilled to offer 'custom' Baby Nests as well! We can't wait to create the most perfect Baby Nest for your little one!