Poppy Lane Baby Nests

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Baby Nests Safe?

Yes! Please refer to our important safety suggestions listed in the 'Must Knows' section of the website. Always follow safe sleeping guidelines, and most importantly, always follow your intuition when placing your precious bundle of joy in a Baby Nest.

Do you make custom Baby Nests?

Yes we sure do!! We LOVE working together with customers. We want to make your vision become a reality! Do you have a specific design, color scheme, or pattern you love? Let's make it happen!

Do you make matching blankets?

Absolutely! If you're interested in a matching blanket to accompany your custom baby nest, just say the words! We make small blankets ($65) measuring 28" wide, by 36" long, and large blankets ($115 ) measuring 42" wide, by 60" long.

How much do they cost?

We have two sizes of Baby Nests at Poppy Lane, Infant and Toddler. Our Infant size is $250, and the Toddler size is $350. Interested in a custom Baby Nest?! Just add an extra $45! Additional costs apply for premium or organic cotton fabrics.

What form of payment do you accept?

You may pay for your Poppy Lane Baby Nest using VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, or PayPal.

How long does it take to receive a Baby Nest once I pay?

If you have purchased a Poppy Lane Baby Nest that is listed 'ready to ship', your Baby Nest will be mailed within 3 business days after payment is received. If you are interested in having a custom Baby Nest made, please be aware there is an approximate 8 week waiting period prior to shipping. This time frame allows us to order necessary materials, create the most amazing Baby Nest you've ever seen, and have it all packaged up and ready to be shipped to you! Voila!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are $25 for an Infant Nest, and $35 for a Toddler Nest within Canada! Easy! For any international shipping inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email, shayla@poppynests.com

What are the Baby Nests made of?

Poppy Lane Baby Nests are made using 100% cotton, or premium/organic fabrics. All fabrics are pre-washed using scent/dye free laundry detergent. We stuff our Nests with hypoallergenic, scent/dye free, non-recycled polyester stuffing. Only the best for your wee little ones!

How big are the Baby Nests?

Glad you asked! Our Infant size Baby Nest is approximately 36" finished (from top to bottom), and the rest area (the flat resting space in the center) measures 23-24" long. Our Toddler size Baby Nest is 43" finished, and the rest area is 29" long. Not quite long enough for your little one? No problem! Please chat with us about our options to extend the length of our Toddler Nest for you!

How are Baby Nests cleaned?

Get this! Our Baby Nests are machine washable! Wash them in cold water, with no bleach. Lay flat to dry, or tumble dry low. Reshape after washing. For best results, untie the rope cord prior to washing.

What is your return policy?

If you're not completely satisfied, please contact us! We will happily repair, or replace (if irrepairable) your Baby Nest within 90 days of your purchase. Please note, shipping costs may apply.