Poppy Nests & Co.


Nest Safety

Nothing is more important to us than your little one's safety and comfort! Please carefully review, and follow our safety recommendations regarding the use of a Poppy Nest.


• Never leave baby unattended in a Poppy Nest.

• Ensure Poppy Nest is positioned on a flat, firm surface.

• If co-sleeping next to baby in Poppy Nest, always ensure Poppy Nest is away from bed edges, and baby's head is at eye level with care provider.

• Never place baby in Poppy Nest on elevated surfaces such as couches, counters, or tables.

• When positioning baby in Poppy Nest, place infant flat on back with feet near pull cords.

• Never place baby in Poppy Nest on side, or stomach unless able to roll back and forth independently.

• Do not place pillows, stuffed animals/toys, or heavy blankets in Poppy Nest.

• Do not allow pets in Poppy Nest.

• Always follow SIDS guidelines for safe sleeping practices.

Fabric Care Instructions

This is SO easy! For best results, wash your Poppy Nest in cold water using mild detergent. Never use bleach. Lay flat to dry, or tumble dry low. Reshape after washing. For best results, untie the rope cord prior to washing. Just a small job? Use a mild soap, and spot clean the Poppy Nest with clean cloth. Let air dry.